The Perfect Aeropress Coffee Ratio: How Much Water to Coffee?

published on: 2022-05-13

Making coffee with an Aeropress

In case you’re not a seasoned Aeropress coffee brewer, you probably don’t know the perfect aka “golden ratio” of coffee to water for this particular way of preparing coffee.

So what is the recommended coffee to water ratio for Aeropress? It’s 1:16, meaning for every gram of coffee grounds, you should use 16g (or rather ml) of water.

This ratio makes for a flavorful cup of coffee that isn’t too bitter. If you use this ratio and Aeropress brew method correctly, you’ll end up with a smooth and delicious cup of coffee every time.

Some people think that 1:16 ratio doesn’t give you a strong enough cup of coffee and use a lot more coffee grounds to prepare their coffee.

A typically sized Aeropress can hold 240ml (8oz) of water. This means that for a single cup of coffee, you should use around 15g (0.53oz) of coffee grounds.

If you want to make a double Aeropress, you should use 30g (or around one ounce) of coffee grounds.

A simple table of Aeropress coffee:water ratios that work

Below is a quick reference table of aeropress coffee to water ratios. These are the most popular aeropress coffee brewing ratios that people use.

Coffee grounds Water (ml) Ratio
15g (0.53oz) 240ml (8oz) 1:16
24g (0.84oz) 240ml (8oz) 1:10
30g (1.06oz) 240ml (8oz) 1:8

So there you have it, the Aeropress coffee to water ratio that we recommend is 15g of coffee grounds to 240ml of water. If you want a stronger cup, use more coffee grounds.

A few frequently asked questions about Aeropress coffee to water ratio

A few quick answers to popular questions.

Q: Can I use more or less coffee?

A: You can, but we recommend sticking to the Aeropress coffee to water ratio that we’ve outlined in this article.

Q: What if I want a weaker cup of coffee?

A: If you want a weaker cup of coffee, add more water. For example, if you’re using the Aeropress coffee to water ratio of 15g:240ml, try using 10g:240ml.

Q: Can I make the coffee stronger without changing the coffee to water ratio?

A: Yes. If you want a stronger cup of coffee without changing the ratio, you can do one of two things. First, you can use a finer grind size. Second, you can increase the brewing time. We recommend starting with a brewing time of around two minutes and increasing by 20-30 seconds until you find the perfect brew time.

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